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Listen to the latest single «Movies» (2024):

Sick Love EP

Sick Love EP

Listen to the debut EP «Sick Love» (2023):


Delta Trip

Delta Trip was formed in Lucerne, Switzerland, in 2022. The group released their first EP, Sick Love, in 2023. The EP contains six energetic and emotional tracks that reflect the band's unique sound and explore themes of love, loss and self-discovery.

Delta Trip's music is characterized by spherical guitars, driving rhythms and catchy melodies. The band draws inspiration from a number of genres, including rock, pop and indie. Currently, Delta Trip is working on their debut album, which will be an evolution of the band's sound and style.

The four members of Delta Trip have collaborated in various bands and projects over the years. The lead singer of Delta Trip previously sang in the Swiss rock band Rival Kings, which released two albums that reached the Swiss charts.


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